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School History

Dodson Branch School is a rural school located in the southeastern corner of Jackson County, Tennessee.  It sits in the heart of the Highland Rim and sits in the middle of a triangle between Gainesboro, Cookeville, and Livingston.  Dodson Branch School was built in 1954 and operated as a four-room schoolhouse for many years until growth facilitated the need for portable buildings to house classrooms.  The school continued to grow until an addition was added in 1998 adding six more classrooms and a new kitchen to the existing building.  Growth in the area eventually led to another addition in 2011 that added an additional six classrooms and a new gymnasium.  Throughout this growth, Dodson Branch School has remained an essential member of the community at large and tries to promote a family atmosphere.  In recent years, since 2011 Dodson Branch has continued to witness strong population growth and strong academic achievements.  Dodson Branch has been named one of the top five schools for growth by NIET (National Institute for Excellence in Teaching) and TAP(Teacher Advancement Program).  We hope to continue to strive to keep the tradition of being strong community members and academic growth for all our students.